Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Late night Special

I got to get out by myself on Monday so I stopped by Walmart. I was shopping for a while and came out with a very good deal. The subtotal for everything was $130 but I did not pay that much for all those things. I paid $56 plus tax. Not only did Walmart have markdowns that helped but I had quite a few feebies and B1G1 free coupons. I was so jazzed about how well I did I could not sleep. It was like a rush. I am so glad that the Lord led me to start couponing. It has really been such a help to our budget. At first, my husband had to admit that he was not to impressed that I was going to be cutting coupons. But now he cannot believe how it has stretched our dollars. In the month of February we added $375 worth of product into our home for free! Clipping coupons for me is like printing my own money.

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