Monday, October 18, 2010

With a little help from a friend

I cut this coupon from Sunday's paper (10-17). There was a mix-up on my part but with help from a great couponer friend, LeAne, she straightened me out and I walked out of Walgreens with 6 bottles of Men's Nivea Bath soap. They are normally priced at $5.99 each. They were on sale at 2/$5. I used a coupon for $3 off. I only paid the tax. The subtotal was 36.94 but I only paid $1.16. SWEET!!

I printed off two coupons for $2 off Quaker Oats Oatmeal. They are $2.54 at Walmart. I picked up 2 for .54 each.

I printed 2 coupons for $2 off Hungry Man Dinners. They are $2.38 at Walmart. So I paid only .38 each. Yeah!!
This is really addicting saving money like this. I am having such a good time. Thank you Lord for helping me save my family money!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

CVS Fun!

The subtotal was $26.93
I went to Walmart and had coupons for the Gain dish soap $1 off (97cents each) I then purchased a candy bar (50 cents) so I could go over. Total including tax .68.
I went to CVS and scanned my card. I got a coupon for the Candy Corn (free) and spend $15 and save $5 off your order.
The Glade candles were $4.19 each, I had two coupons for B1G1 free plus $1.50 off when you buy two.
The Dawn soap was on sale for 97 cents. I used my $1 off coupons on them.
The female things ($1.49 each) I had a $1 off.
The Sierra Mist $1.49 no coupon :( but it was for my sicky son so I have to take care of him :)
Total at CVS OOP including tax $1.91!!
Thank you God for allowing me to find these good actually GREAT deals!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

How much can $1 buy you today?

I stopped at Smith's where I can usually find the Mentos Gum for $1 (normal price is anywhere from $1 to $1.39) and sure enough they were a $1! I had a coupons (eight of them really) from Sunday's paper (10/3). I picked up the gum for free!!. The cookies were normally on sale for $2.39 and they were on sale for $1. I used a coupon from Sunday's paper and saved $1 on two making them .50 each! I thank God for such good deals!!

I had a coupon for buy one milk and bag of cookies and get one bag of cookies free. I used with that coupon two coupons for $1 off a bag of cookies. Plus I downloaded coupons onto my smith's card and got another $1 off two bags of cookies. I had a coupon for $1.50 off the Sweet Moments candy. Also another $1 off downloaded onto my card. I saved $9.56 and spent $2.56!

I scanned my card at CVS. They gave me 6 coupons. One was for $1 off two Aussie products. I had 2/$1 off coupons. Plus the gave me $1.50 in CVS bucks called ECB's. When all the coupons were scanned they ended up taking an extra $1 off and I only paid .85 including tax for both! I saved over $8.00!!

I also purchased a Bounce Bar for the dryer for .79!

I really get a high off of finding these deals. It is fun to see God still go beyond what I plan for. I am very thankful to God I am addicted to this and not gambling or something!!