Friday, May 14, 2010

Am I His Only Child?

Today was such an awesome day! I started out with a list and how much I had to spend and God did better than my list. Does He do that to you or is it just me. I do not think for one minute it is just me but sometimes (well, most times) it feels like it's just me. That I am the only one that needs all this extra attention because I just can not manage to do it on my own. God makes me feel that special.

Here is what I got today for $4.50:

12pk Cottenelle toilet tissue
Dove candy bar
La Choy Dinner kit
Kraft Mac & Cheese
Dole Salad mix
Gallon Milk
Nivea Men's Body Wash
48pk #2 pencils
Pink 3 hole punch
Avery file folder labels
Cap erasers
2-jet puff marshmellows
2-hershey 6pk candy bars
2-nabisco graham crackers
If I would have paid for all of this I would have spent over $60. Praise the Lord I did not!

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