Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Lord Giveth

The Lord Giveth

This is our Precious Annabelle. Four years ago my mother's husband Ray bought her for me from their neighbor's. She was the cutest flea infested dog that I had ever seen. When we brought her to Reno we could hold her in one hand. She was all fur (and fleas!). We got her all cleaned up and gave her medicine to get rid of her fleas. She was so adorable. She did not know what to make of our chickens and she quickly learned that they were not going to take being chased around the backyard by this little dog. Soon they learned to live in harmony together.
Things changed in our household and when I was gone she was not taken care of very well. I removed her from her home. Tony and Kathy Cook who own Wee Paws in Reno graceously have been taking of care of Annabelle for the past year. They have taken care of her for me at no charge. They have been so wonderful to get her up to date on shots and groom her. They have been such a blessing to me. I do not know what I would have done without them.

The Lord taketh away

We are very sad to have to pass our Precious Annabelle on to her new home. We know it is the right thing to do, but it does not make this choice any easier for us. She is part of our family and it tears us up having to do this. God knows that it is all for the best. Especially for Annabelle who needs a true home to be loved on and spoiled. We took her to the park and took tons of pictures. It was a good time of chasing her and playing with her. We will miss her dearly!

Blessed by the name of the Lord.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

God’s Speed is Sometimes Very Slow

I work in the financial aid department and I have been getting calls about people’s financial aid for the fall semester that starts in late August. They want to know why their award letter has not been sent out yet. They are very shocked to hear that we are still working on the summer semester students and the award letters will be sent out sometime in July. I want to tell them to go out and enjoy their summer vacation and go to the lake on a hike. (Not like “Go take a hike!”)
We are very impatient though.
Sometimes the best thing for you to do and the hardest is waiting. Sometimes no matter how we think things should be, it is just going to take time. We need to keep doing the right things we know to do and let God work things out.
That is much easier said than done. The days are so long and there seems to be so many days of waiting. When there seems to be nothing going on I wonder if God has forgotten all about me and does he still remember that I am waiting? Or I may wonder if I am still going in the right direction. But God, (I love that phrase!), is still working and I just need to be patient and keep doing what I know God wants me to do.
Right now, for me, it is praying and reading my bible, attending school, going to work, going to my appointments, worshipping Him, and taking care of my children. Those things and others keep me very busy until God shows me what the next step is for my life.
I have learned this over the last year and a half that some things just take time. Healing, forgiving and moving on, they are just going to take time. I will try to keep it simple by just doing what I know to do until God tells me different. In His time not mine.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You can handle it…Oh no you can’t!

I heard a speaker say once that “We can handle it.” She said it again “Yes, we can handle it…through Jesus, of course.” She added the last part about Jesus almost as an afterthought. As I sat there listening, I thought about what I just went through in my own life. Looking around the room at all the other women, I thought, what have they gone through, or what are they going through right now? Can we handle it? I say “No, we cannot handle it.”

Speaking as a parent of four children, two boys and two girls, I am raising them to move out. I do not want them living with me forever. I want them to make decision on their own and maybe to start their own family and be confident in their decisions. Yes I want to be a part of their lives and be there for support and guidance. To watch them grow into young men and women while they develop their own walk with the Lord and to witness what plans He has for them.

My relationship with God I see very differently. More along the lines of that time when my 2 year old child did not want to go into the nursery. She held on to me for dear life. As the nursery worker was trying to release her death grip from my clothes and I was untangling myself from legs wrapped around my body, my daughter was determined to stay with me no matter what. I see myself as the child and the world trying desperately to pull me away from God.

The way I see it, God does not want us to get so “grown up” that we move out and stop calling him as much. I can never feel like I have it “handled” and that I do not need God. I need Him for everything, not only the big stuff that comes and flips my life upside-down, but more importantly the daily things that happen on a regular basis that train me to turn to God for the “big stuff.”

Could this “I can handle it” mentality be resulting in women trying to keep up with other women who look like they are “handling it” better then themselves? Am I more concerned with looking the part of “handling it” then just admitting I need Jesus and I can’t handle what is going on in my life? Once I realize that I cannot handle what is going on I will quickly turn to the One who can handle it, my heavenly Father.

I will keep training my children to be independent while my heavenly Father is training me to be continually dependent on Him.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Fasting Part 2

Isaiah 58

To read Fasting Part 1 look here.

Here are some of the benefits of fasting. Two are physical and two are spiritual.

Vs. 8 Then shall thy light break forth as the morning,-This may have to do with not being groggy in the morning. Your body is not using energy to digest food so by the morning you may feel fresh and ready to go.

and thine health shall spring forth speedily:-There are a lot of books that boast of the health benefits of fasting, especially long fasts like 3 days. Also, how regularly you fast. A book I was reading recommended twice a year to keep your body, mind and spirit healthy. You might have allergies to a certain food that you eat all the time. While fasting you will feel better but if it is significantly different than you may look into food allergies of a common food you eat.
and thy righteousness shall go before thee; - With self-control comes making good decisions and with good decisions comes good consequences. As we get back in focus and have a clear mind we will make better choices.

the glory of the Lord shall be thy reward. - To be honest, this one stumps me . What is the glory of the Lord? The glory of the Lord is described as a cloud and a (rain) bow. It can fill, stand and move. It has caused people to pray and worship. It is usually seen in the house of God and after people have worshiped and sacrificed. How is it a reward? I do not know the answer to that one.

Like in the last two verses, here is something to do as a result of fasting.

Vs. 9 Then shalt thou call, - During this time of fasting you will be praying more than you normally do because instead of eating you will be praying.

and the Lord shall answer; -You will have a clear head and the Lord may reveal to you through your Bible reading and prayer time what he has for you.

thou shalt cry, - You may get emotionally. Everyone is eating except you. You may even have to cook their meal so they can eat. Since you are hearing your body, you may not like what it is saying. As you turn to the Lord in prayer you may feel vulnerable.

and he shall say, Here I am. - What a comfort this is to hear. This is the Lord’s fast and he is with us the whole way through.

If thou take away from the midst of thee the yoke, - The word yoke makes me think of a burden or bondage. There is a burden right in the middle of our lives and we need to move it from being the center of our focus. God wants to be our focus.

the putting forth of the finger, - Imagine in your mind someone putting their finger in your face as they talk. It may be angry, proud or self-righteous. We need to put these actions far from us.

and speaking vanity;-Instead of Blah, Blah, Blah, speak with a purpose. Use your words to encourage and lift others up. The Bible speaks of edifying and exhorting one another.

There is a whole lot more in Isaiah 58 about fasting. Fasting is a time of renewal and getting back our attention on the Lord and things he wants us to focus on. . It is a way to slow down. In our very busy life this is a sure way to get back on track spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Before you start a fast from food consult your doctor.