Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I May Be Down...

But God is still using me.

I must say watching Facebook with my friends getting killer deals has encouraged me and has also challenged me. "I want to play, too!" is what I am thinking when I see the deals that are going on around me. So here is mine.

 I was able to get 5 boxes of Finish Tabs (20 ct.) for 98 cents PLUS $10 in ECB's. That was including tax.

I bought (that word is so funny to use now) this hairspray for 38 cents. Yes, I do have to pay tax, sometimes.

I do not normally picture the feminine things but I was on a roll with this. I purchased all of these for 89 cents.

God put into my hands a tool a little over a year ago and I know that couponing works. Now, when things are super tight I know how to make a dollar or even a quarter squeal!

God also put the Bible and prayer into my life a long time ago when things were going just fine. I have learned that reading my Bible and prayer works. As I go through a valley right now I know what to do. I know what works. When change happens and I may not have the answers I still know what to do and I know Who to turn to.

What is the point of learning new things when you do not allow God to use them for His glory. I know that reading my Bible and praying does a lot for me but I think it also gives God glory just as when I save money and I am able, just like you were to me, to encourage someone to keep going even when it is harder to keep going.

When it is hard, read your Bible and pray. When it is not so hard, read your Bible and pray. That is one thing that does not have to change where you are up or down.


  1. Terri-Ann,
    Love you! You are a blessing to me and I am so glad to see you going on - not matter good or bad. Love your attitude and your love for your God!

  2. Terri-Ann,
    I am so thankful that you are apart of my life. God really blessed me when he brought me to Reno. I think of how you and your family has touched mine and can only thank the great Redeemer for his hand in everything that he has brought us over the years. I love ya lots sister and friend ... no returns here darling :)