Thursday, March 17, 2011

Go Ahead, Take a Whack At It!

That statement works when you are hammering a nail or when you are at a child's birthday party hitting a pinata with a bat or stick.

It is not, however, a statement that should be used to describe the conversation you are having with someone.

I recently had a conversation with someone and I felt like that person had just whacked me up side the head. The person was attempting to do it with their Bible no less. Not literally, of course! But it left me reeling just the same.

This person did not know anything about me. But that did not stop this person. What are facts when you have the Bible? This person felt they did not need to know my life to know what God's will is for me.

As I endured this person's knowledge on everything to fix my problem (even though this person did not know my problem or even asked if I had a problem). I was thinking about Jesus.

If He were here to talk to people about their problems, how would he do it?

Take the woman at the well for example. He already her knew her situation and let her know that he knew all about her. He could have gone into a tirade on not being married and living with a man or being divorced. But that is not the conversation he chose to have with her. He did not even tell her go and sin no more like another woman he said that to.

He offered her refreshment. He offered her hope. He offered her life. I bet that did more for her then any lecture she could have received about immoral living.

She went away from that meeting excited and wanting to tell others of Jesus and what he can do for her and for them. She might have even gone home and got her house in better order.

When I was able to leave the one sided conversation I was having with this person I did not feel lifted up, drawn to Jesus or encouraged in anyway. I did not want to go out and tell others about Jesus' gift. I wanted to go home and lick my wounds from a careless person who just wanted to sound spiritual and whack me with their Bible but not take the time to talk with me about my life.

As Christians we should be drawn to each other for support and acceptance. To help each other along the way. No one knows the future and can not for certain tell you what God's will is for your life. We do not have the right to whack each other with the Bible. That is not what the Bible is for.

So the next time you want to take a whack at something, make sure it is not a fellow Christian or worse yet, a person who is not saved and does not even know the love of Christ.

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