Sunday, April 8, 2012


To keep going and going and going
It is hard to keep going. It is hard to keep going strong. It is hard to finish strong.
I have had to endure more than I ever would have imagined.
I wanted to finish strong. At some points if I just finished I would have been happy.
The picture above is of a woman doing an exercise move called a plank. I was advised to hold that exercise move for a full minute, 60 seconds, or a better description of time, an eternity.
The plank position is a hard position to hold. The time goes by so slow. My body would shake. My muscles would cry out to be relieved of the position, and most times when the 6o seconds were up, I would cry.
Jesus endured the cross because he was focused on the joy. He made a choice. This past year and a half I made a choice. It was nothing like the choice Jesus made, but it was one choice that affected a multitude of choices that had to be made on a daily basis.
That phase of my life is over and I did endure. I give God all the glory for that. It was by his strength that I was able to endure. I learned that God will give me the strength I need.
Endurance takes commitment. It is a choice. It is hard. I can do hard things.
I learned doing hard things is hard, but it is possible.

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  1. I am proud of you! I am proud that you are a wonderful woman and mother and friend. I know that we can all endure with a loving Father who goes with us.