Saturday, June 23, 2012

God’s Speed is Sometimes Very Slow

I work in the financial aid department and I have been getting calls about people’s financial aid for the fall semester that starts in late August. They want to know why their award letter has not been sent out yet. They are very shocked to hear that we are still working on the summer semester students and the award letters will be sent out sometime in July. I want to tell them to go out and enjoy their summer vacation and go to the lake on a hike. (Not like “Go take a hike!”)
We are very impatient though.
Sometimes the best thing for you to do and the hardest is waiting. Sometimes no matter how we think things should be, it is just going to take time. We need to keep doing the right things we know to do and let God work things out.
That is much easier said than done. The days are so long and there seems to be so many days of waiting. When there seems to be nothing going on I wonder if God has forgotten all about me and does he still remember that I am waiting? Or I may wonder if I am still going in the right direction. But God, (I love that phrase!), is still working and I just need to be patient and keep doing what I know God wants me to do.
Right now, for me, it is praying and reading my bible, attending school, going to work, going to my appointments, worshipping Him, and taking care of my children. Those things and others keep me very busy until God shows me what the next step is for my life.
I have learned this over the last year and a half that some things just take time. Healing, forgiving and moving on, they are just going to take time. I will try to keep it simple by just doing what I know to do until God tells me different. In His time not mine.

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