Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Chronological Bible Reading 14 Birth of Noah

Genesis 5:28-29

Death of Enos
Genesis 5:10-11, 905 years old

Death of Cainan
Genesis 5:13-14, 910 years old

Death of Mahalaleel
Genesis 5:16-17, 895 years old

Death of Jared
Genesis 5:19-20, 962 years old

Noah's Life and Related events

Corrupt civilization as sons of God marry daughters of men
Genesis 6:1-12

What a sad state of affairs. To be so bad that God wants to start over. Praise God for his mercy!

A Chronological Bible Reading 15 Noah

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Reese, Edward. The Reese Chronological Bible. Minneapolis: Bethany House Publishers, 1980. Print.

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