Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Chronological Bible Reading 6 Consequences

Temptation and Fall

Genesis 3:1-7, Eve is talking to a serpent. The serpent puts doubt in what God has said.
vs. 6, Eve saw that the fruit was pleasing to her eyes. She then desired wisdom. (Wasn't she already wise?) Once Eve doubted what God said, she doubted herself.

Genesis 3:8-19, For the first time-God had to go looking for Adam and Eve.

Genesis 310, The One that created them was looking for them and they hid because they were now afraid of Him. They realized they were naked and were ashamed. They lost fellowship with God.  Looked what they "gained" by disobeying; Fear, shame and aloneness. No, they did not drop dead from eating the fruit but that would be a delayed consequence. There was so much immediate damage that they did not plan for. Isn't that true still today. We can't plan on everything that could go wrong when we disobey.

Adam blames Eve, Eve blames the serpent.

Genesis 3:16, Eve should have had children before this...

A Chronological Bible Reading 7 Expulsion

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