Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just Believe The Book

Just Believe The Book

Preachers correct it; "Scholars" change it,

And, I take another look,

I just take it for what it says,

For I just believe the Book.

The Old King James will stand the test,

Through ages this has been true,

God has preserved His own pure Word,

And today the Old King James if for you.

You can believe every word in it,

No need to search nanny or crook,

Just get the Old King James off the shelf,

And, dear friend, believe the Book.

Don't let those other versions fool you,

Don't let yourself ever get hooked,

But take the Old King James as the Word of God

And just believe the Old Book.

As for me, I'll take what I've got,

No need elsewhere to look,

For I've settled on the Old King James,

And I just believe the Old Book.

Harvey D. Poole

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