Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Letter to Mrs. Duggard

Dear Mrs. Duggar,

First of all, I can't imagine how you must be coping with everything about your family being broadcasted for everyone to see and feel that they have to give their opinion on how they would have done it. It is so much easier when things are going good and we can share Jesus with the good we are doing. When things happen that shame Jesus we may feel like we are useless to His cause and we can never be in the fold again. Those feelings are hard to get past. But they will pass.

I have prayed that my children would get caught when they are doing things wrong. I want them to feel like they cannot get away with anything. I am glad that your son got caught and had to admit that he was doing wrong. If allowed to keep going unnoticed it really could have been so much worse. He really was a hypocrite and living a lie. God said enough. God still has a plan for your son and his family if he is willing to make some drastic changing. It will take some time, healing and mending of trust but God can do it.

To watch our children go through hardship is very difficult. Watching them go through hardship when it is self inflicted has got to be torturous. Knowing that it was their choice to do wrong. That this did not have to happen. Feelings of helplessness are hard to get away from.

I think some day your family may recover from this but I think it may be in quiet undocumented ways. Ways that you can reach out to other mothers who have children that greatly disappoint. How do the parents go on? There is a mourning process, how long does that last? The trust that is lost, how do you give the child chances to rebuild? Is there more that needs to be dealt with before it is exposed to the world? Such difficult questions without clear answers.

Mrs. Duggar, please stay on your knees and stay in your Bible. The Bible will heal, cleanse and give wisdom. We have to remember that no matter how devastating our circumstances are that God is still on the throne. Since your son is a Christian than he is in God's hands. So he is in good hands.

I have to say that some would blame the wife for not taking care of her man that made him turn to the internet and other women to be satisfied but I completely disagree. Your daughter in law is most likely a very good woman who would have done anything for a loving and caring husband.  Your son is the one who is responsible for this mess not her. I just wanted to make my stance clear on that.

Finally, we are all just one choice away from being caught doing wrong. Most of us will never have to experience our deeds good or bad being played out on the news. I hope this makes your stand for God stronger and not weaker. I hope you discover who your true friends are through this trial. I hope you get to know God on a deeper level as you seek him in prayer. Stay strong for God. Your other children need you.



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