Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Chronological Bible Reading- 19 Noah's Descendents and Related Events

Sons To Overspread the Earth

Genesis 9:18-19 Shem, Ham and Japheth

Genesis 10:32; 10:1 Descendants listed

Sons of Japheth
Genesis 10:2-5
I Chronicles 1:5-7
                Isles of the Gentiles

Sons of Ham
Genesis 10: 6-20
I Chronicles 1:8-16
                Nimrod- a mighty man
                Beginning of Babel
                Building of Nineveh
                Sodom and Gomorrah
                Birth of the Philistines

Sons of Shem
Genesis 10:31; 10:21-23
I Chronicles 1:17
               Birth of Arphaxad
               I Chronicles 1:24
               Genesis 11:10

I compiled the names that I thought were noteworthy. I also made note of interesting details that may have been overlooked when reading the scriptures.

Why was the son of Shem--Arphaxad, separated out like that? I found that interesting.

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