Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pray for America Day 2

Genesis 17:1-Genesis 28:19

          As the Lord is preparing to pass severe and complete judgement on the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham is drawing nearing to him. He starts to make a bargain with the Lord about the cities and the people that live there. Abraham asks the Lord if he would destroy the wicked with the righteous. What if there were fifty righteous? Would he destroy the fifty with the wicked? The Lord says no. Abraham keeps asking all the way down to 10 righteous people. If there were 10 righteous people would the Lord destroy the city? (I think they both knew that this was a stretch). The Lord said that if there were 10 righteous he would not destroy the city. (Genesis 18:22-23)

          Well, we all know that the city gets destroyed with only Lot and part of his family being yanked out of there. Still in the end, Lot lost his wife and is only survived with two of his daughters.

           Am I praying for America this way? Am I asking God to spare our country from punishment? Our country needs God's hand upon it; blessing and guiding us in wisdom.

           Am I living a life that is righteous and set a part for the things of God? I have to live in this world but I do not have to be a part of things that would shame the name of Jesus.

           I learned in this reading that I need to pray for mercy on America and live a life of righteousness. Not perfection or a "holier than thou" attitude, but a life that will draw people to know Jesus.

          I also learned that I need to be more bold in telling others about the saving power of the Gospel. There is hope and there is an answer to the void in people's life. It is Jesus. I need to tell the others that the answer to their question is Jesus.

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