Monday, July 23, 2012

90 Day Journey Through the King James Bible 2012

 I am challenged to do more for the Lord.

I have done a lot of hard things in the past two years. Things that were not only hard but were negative and caused severe stress on my body and emotions. I have now lived in my apartment for one  year and God has been able to heal me and shower my life with blessings. I know I am exactly where he wants me to be. There is comfort in that knowledge.

Now that things are getting in a more settled place I have been able to look around outside of myself and wonder about what God would have for me to do for Him. One of the things was reading my bible through in 90 days. I had done it before in 2010; however, so much about me has changed I would like to do it again and see what I get out of it this time.

I hope you follow along with me as I rediscover God's word in a very short span of time. I use God's Word found in the King James Bible.

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