Thursday, August 2, 2012

Angry, Grieved, and Challenged

I am angry because:

• I have been let down and disappointed.

• The burden that was put on me by you, you were not willing to bear.

• The cause of Christ is hurt because of your poor decisions done in secret but are now made public.

• Of the blame and responsibility that was put on me for someone else’s action. You will now know from your own experience that it is not your responsibility nor was it mine. Though we will share in the shame of it all.

• Christians are fighting each other instead of realizing that they are going through a grieving process.

• Instead of lifting up Christ on Sunday, churches will be bashing a sinner from their pulpit or demanding we forgive.

I am grieving for:

• The families so deeply hurt by on man’s careless and selfish decisions.

• For the children that will not be able to church on Sunday due to their parents not wanting to associate with that church.

• I am grieving for the families who will choose not join a church because of their feelings of betrayal.

• Those who will just use this as another excuse not to trust Christ as their Saviour.

I am challenged:

• To continue to live right.

• To make good decisions, even privately when no one is looking.

• To lift up Christ in my public and personal behavior.

My prayer is that I learn from other’s mistakes. I want this to draw me closer to God because he will never disappoint or fail me. I want to have grace towards others who may not realize how they are feeling and may choose to lash out at others around them. I know forgiveness will come and I am thankful for that.

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  1. You are beautiful. The authenticity I feel in your words... simply amazing. You don't try to hide behind "Christian" mantras. You don't try to be what some call strong in the middle of your hurts. You are genuine and beautiful. I love you.