Sunday, August 26, 2012

Remember Me - Day 35

Nehemiah 1:1 - Nehemiah 13:14
          Nehemiah was working for the king in Shushan and he receives word about the broken down walls of Jerusalem. That news brings him to his knees. He prays to God for forgiveness for Israel's sin and his own families sins.
"Let thine ear now be attentive, and thine eyes open, that thou mayest hear the prayer of thy servant, which I pray before thee now, day and night, for the children of Israel thy servants, and confess the sins of the children of Israel, which we have sinned against thee: both I and my father's house have sinned.
We have dealt very corruptly against thee, and have not kept the commandments, nor the statutes, nor the judgments, which thou commandedst thy servant Moses." Neh. 1:6-7
          Nehemiah knows that God is not pleased with Israel but they need God's help getting this wall built back up. They get a lot of trouble from Sanballat and Tobiah but still they continue and the wall gets completed.
          At the end of the book Nehemiah is praying to God and he says remember me for good.
"And for the wood offering, at times appointed, and for the firstfruits. Remember me, O my God, for good." Neh. 13:31
          That would be my prayer to God, to remember me for the good I do not all the times I mess up and shame him. I thank God today for Jesus my Saviour.

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