Friday, July 23, 2010

Alfredo's first egg!

Meet Alfredo one of five of the new chickens we bought this past Spring. She is the first one to lay an egg for us from her group. I did not know she was going to lay a white one. I am really not up on my chicken knowledge but different breeds lay different colors. Blue, green, white, brown and dark brown with speckles. That is what I know of but I am sure they may be other colors also.

My Hannah has been telling everyone she sees about our new egg, whether we know them or not! The chickens are her job and she was the one that found the new egg. Now the bible says that the first fruits belong to the Lord. So our preacher will be getting the first dozen of our new eggs from our five new chickens.

Thank you Lord for blessing our home!


  1. White chickens lay white eggs. Go figure. Just so you'll know for future reference. :)

  2. AWESOME!!! Can't wait for ours to start laying. Fresh eggs are the BEST. Love knowing what the chickens eat, and how fresh my eggs are!! Way to go Alfredo!