Friday, July 16, 2010

I Could Not Have Done Better if I Tried!!

I would say that I bought these but is that even fair to say, when I did not spend anything on them? This makes couponing so much fun! The total came to ZERO which if I tried to plan it that way it would not have worked out at all. God is so good to me.
I kind of had a frustrating day in that I kept forgetting coupons or deals and then it would mess up my train of thought but God showed me today that He is the one getting me the deals not me. I try to work out the deals and it's like he "one-up's" me, if you know what I mean. I really need him even in an area that I am doing well at. Thank you God for showing me that I can do things better with you as my Guide!

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  1. thanks for sharing! It is getting me inspired to try to do the same!