Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Great Misunderstanding~~Day 17

Today's reading Joshua 15:1-Judges 3:27

"...that we might do the serve of the Lord." Joshua 22:27 KJB

The two and a half tribes of Israel that were going back to possess their land while the rest of the tribes stayed in the promise land, stopped to build an altar at the border of their properties. They had good intentions but the 9 and a half tribes of Israel misunderstood their actions and thought they were rebelling. The tribes did not ask the exciting tribes what they were doing. They just accused them.

Doesn't this happen so much still today? Even amongst God's people? Where some one's actions are immediately assumed to be done in rebellion instead of thinking that the person might be doing good.

Let me learn from this passage and not jump to any conclusions about another person's actions until I first bring it to the Lord in prayer for awhile and then to the person directly, if that is even necessary. I should try to always give people the benefit of the doubt. To think good of people instead of bad.

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  1. What a great word of encouragement from today's reading! I hopped over here from a comment you left at Mom's Toolbox and now I know why. God sent me here for comfort :-) I have recently been falsely accused via a nasty email and have been praying both for comfort personally as I wait and let God reveal the truth and for the writer to be healed of such misdirected anger. And so today I land here and read your thoughts. Thanks for writing them. They were a blessing to me and something I missed even though I read the exact same scripture today.