Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Memorial ~~Day 16

Today's reading Joshua 1:1- Joshua 14:15

"What mean ye by these stones?" Joshua 4:6 KJB

When the Israelites crossed over the Jordan river they were told to grab one stone for each tribe as a memorial to tell their children and future generations what the Lord had done for them.
When I go on a trip I like to not only buy souvenirs but I like to grab natural ones we may find along our trip. Like shells or bark or sticks I will even take pictures of buildings or sunsets. Anything that stands out as a memory of our time there.
I do that also when it comes to my spiritual journey. I have ashes taped to my bible for a reminder of a commitment I made to the Lord in a certain area. I have book marks that remind me of mountain top experiences where I had a spiritual victory.
When my children come across these precious mementos I am able to share with them my journey with the Lord and what he has done for me he will do for them also.

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