Friday, July 16, 2010

Pray for your Enemies~~ Day 12

Today's reading Numbers 21:8- Numbers 32:19 KJB

"thou shalt not curse the people for they are blessed." Numbers 22:12

Balak was afraid of the children of Israel so he asked Balaam to curse them. Balaam was told by God not to. Balaam ended up obeying God but I do not think he believed it for himself until the last time Balak asked him to curse the Israelites.
When Balam really looked at Israel his eyes were opened and the Spirit of God came upon him and he was able to truly bless the people.
If you are a Christian you are a child of the King. If you are at odds with another Christian you may not be thinking it consciencely but you may be wanting God to hold back blessings or even curse the person you are at odds with.
Your eyes also need to be opened to whom your asking God to curse. He is not going to curse one of his children.
I need to learn to lift up in prayers the people who I am at odds with so I will be able to rejoice when they rejoice and weep when they weep.

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