Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hidden Blessings~ Day 14

Today's reading Deut. 8:1- Deut. 23:11

"...that ye may live and multiply...for it is he (God) that giveth thee power to get wealth" Deut. 8:1,18 KJB

The Israelites are going into a foreign land. Buildings and homes were already built. Schools and
Churches already built. Roads already laid out throughout the land. So God had to establish laws to keep his children clean so he could continue to bless them. Also, so they could prosper. Not just monetarily but with good health and child bearing.

Let us look at the laws not a weight that we are freed from because of Christ's perfect sacrifice on the cross but as guidelines for healthier living. For example, if we refrained from eating certain animals that are noted in the bible as not clean. How much healthier would our bodies be?

Maybe God has hidden blessings just waiting for us from the Old Testament that would help us to be more be more prosperous in our daily living.

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