Friday, July 30, 2010

Smith's coupon Special

It is so amazing how couponing has really changed my life. I have been actively couponing since the beginning of the year. I started purely by accident. There is a sight that offers all the links to companies that offer free birthday items. Well, I signed up for them and had so much fun with my four kids going around for two days redeeming coupons for freebies that I was hooked. Now, I print coupons off my computer and I get two Sunday papers and also the All You Magazine.
It does take time to get it together but I would rather do this and homeschool my kids then have a job any day! I enjoy being at home with my children and I LOVE seeing how God blesses our fiances on a weekly bases.
I spend $21 plus tax on the items above. Without coupons and the sale going on at Smiths, for one, I would not have shopped there and two, I would have spent $72.00 plus tax! Thank you, Lord for blessing our home!!

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  1. I like that item in the blue PJ's in the back. looks like a great product!